Have a Problem With Facebook App On The iPhone? Fix-It.

Have a Problem With Facebook App On The iPhone? Fix-It.

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Do you use this social media network? Then, I am damn sure that you may be using it on your mobile device mostly. Using the Facebook app on your mobile device makes it easy to stay connected with family and friends. It is the one that is not only for entertainment purposes but also for various others. Most of us don’t like to use the laptop or PC every day to access this social media account. And, therefore, We keep ourselves logged into this networking on our mobile device. But, sometimes, you may have a problem with using it on mobile devices too. And, therefore, you may have searched things like why this app is not working, crashed & How to fix it. There may be various types of issues that you may face with this social media account.

Here I am considering the iPhone for this networking site. And, therefore this blog is about various problems that may take you to Facebook not working on iPhone. Also, here I will let you know how to troubleshoot those common problems like Facebook app crashing, & so on, on the iPhone.

Let’s have a look.

Try These Ways To Fix App Crash on iPhone

  • The simplest way to fix the issue is to update this social media site, on your phone. Most of the time, it has been seen that just updating the app has fixed the issue. If It does not work well, then try the 2nd step.
  • You should try to fix the issue by uninstalling it and reinstalling it again.
  • If none of the above steps works well, then you should try fixing the glitch by clearing the app cache and cookies.
  • Issues like Facebook app crashing may easily be fixed sometimes by just removing viruses from your device, and by clearing some space.
  • The 4th method to cure this is to try to access your account on any other mobile device, and if you can do the successful login on other mobile devices, then, it simply means that the problem is not with your Facebook, but it is with your device. And, you should fix the mobile issue.
  • The 5th method is to check whether it is only your account that is not working on your phone, or if none of the accounts is working on your phone. If it is only your account, then, the problem may be with your account. But, if you find that you can’t access any account on your phone, then, it may be possible that the problem may either be with your phone, or it may be from the side of the company itself.

If the company is itself responsible, then you can’t do anything except keep waiting. But. If it is only your account having the issue, then, you should try to fix the issue with the help of the above steps one by one. You can also share your query with us by connecting our customer support team.


If none of the above tricks could take you out of the issue, and you are still facing things like Facebook keeps crashing, or even any other issues, then you can put your question on facebook community,  contact the customer support to get further help.

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