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Use of the Internet has grown rapidly throughout the work. On the Internet, a very successful & incredible company is Google. This is one of the best & effective search engine and marketing traffic around tool on internet. It also offers a feature of Google Homepage.

Google Homepage offers instant search access whenever you open the browser by Google homepage settings. It helps to get the best and latest information at your fingertips. So, make this Google as your homepage to start your searches. Time is too short to mess with the other search engines. This is a very good idea to start working with it by setting computer preference to have Google as default. So, just go for it by creating Google Homepage on any search engine such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and so on.

To change Google's voice, go to 'Settings', then Voice. Finally, go to the Input & Text-to-Speech settings and make changes. From google play store, you can download any text to speech engine.

Just drag & drop the gadgets to move gadgets on the Google homepage. Also, one can easily change profile picture by clicking on the image of current profile in the top right corner. The, click on 'Change' on the enlarged image.

Google Customer Service is also available to sort out your all problems related to Google and its offered services. You just need to tap toll-free Gmail Customer Service Number. Below, we mention some steps to make Google as a homepage. In case of trouble, you are free to connect with us anytime, anywhere. 24/7 hours we are here to support you.

It's easy to make Google your homepage on the browser. Here, we provide you with steps to set Google Homepage on Firefox and Google Chrome.

For Firefox

Step 1: Open the Firefox browser and then go to
Step 2: Drag the opened tab to the 'Home' button and then release.
Step 3: Lastly, Click on 'Yes'.

For Google Chrome

Step 1: Click on "More" and then on "Settings" option in the upper right computer's browser corner.
Step 2: Turn on "Show home button".
Step 3: Finally, select the second option and enter

In case your Google homepage changed, then reset 'Chrome' settings to default. You need to do this because the installed applications or extensions might change your settings without knowledge. Reset of Chrome settings will not change or clear your saved passwords and bookmarks.

If you have difficulty in setting Google as homepage in any browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc., make a call on the Gmail Support Number.

So, contact us to get real-time support service if you've issues in creating the Google homepage. Firstly, your call will be handled by representatives team who get the required information of customers. Then, they direct your call to the technical team who guides you step by step to resolve the problems completely. If needed, as per the level of error, they incorporate advanced remote system accessing tool to diagnose and resolve it.

Google Play Customer Service offers reminders, relevant tips & follow-ups and gets you to the right rep. Tell you issue and we work accordingly to provide an appropriate solution.

Plus, share your experiences with us so we can improve our services and resources.

Here, we include frequently asked questions or queries from customers' end. These queries can be yours, have a look at them. They will help you to solve your problem without the need to make a call anywhere.

Where is my Google homepage?

Step 1: In the browser, select "More settings".
Step 2: Scroll down to the "Open with".
Step 3: Select pages or a specific page.
Step 4: Select the "Custom" option from the opened list.
Step 5: Select "X" next to the current homepage.
Step 6: Type in the "Enter a URL" box.
Step 7: Click on "Save".

How to change the voice of Google?

In "Settings", go onto "Voice" option.
Then go to "Input & Text-to-Speech" settings.
Make all the changes you want or from the Google play store, download text to the speech engine.

How to move gadgets on the Google homepage?

You can drag and drop tools. If you want to get rid of the tool, right-click and click "Hide".

How to get Google Homepage back?

You need to edit browser settings. Simple steps to set Google as default homepage:

1. Click on the 'Tools' icon showed at the right of browser window.
2. Select the option of 'Internet'.
3. Find the 'Search' section and click on 'Settings' in the General tab.
4. Then, select Google.
5. Lastly, click on 'Set as default' and click on the 'Close'.

How to change the name of Google homepage?

1. Click on the "Tools" option in the menu bar on the browser top.
2. Select the "Internet Options".
3. Click on the General tab.
4. Enter in the text box (in the "Home page" section).
5. Click on "OK".
6 Finally, restart your browser.

What do Google Play services do?

Google Play services are used for easily updating Google applications from Google Play. This component provides basic services, such as Google services authentication, synchronized contacts, the end-user privacy settings access as well as low-powered & high-quality location-based services.

How one can add a deleted site to the new page of Google?

1. If you will delete another page, then you'd see other three options at the bottom.
2. Select the "Undo" option if you made an error and do not click on anything else
3. Otherwise, click on the "Restore All" option.

How to get rid of a new background?

1. Go to the 'Google Chrome' store.
2. Select another background.
3. Then, go to the 'Google Chrome' settings.
4. Press 'Reset to the default theme' option. It will have white background with the logo of Google.
How to get Google homepage back to normal?
1. Go to "Control Panel".
2. Again, go onto "Programs and Features".
3. From the installed program list, remove toolbar to restore homepage back to Google.
4. If don't want to restore back, open "Internet Explorer" and then click on the "Tools" & "Internet Options".
5. On the first tab, change homepage in the section of Homepage.

If you have other questions, Google is very good with explanations in their various sections. Most of you may have probably the same questions asked before, so it's a very easy matter to find the answer. Give it a try if you don't set up Google as your Homepage on the computer yet.

We are here to give you top notch browsing experience with our customer support offered on Google Homepage. Here you can get assistance to change the background of the homepage that will give it an attractive look just by connecting us on the phone. Similarly, our representatives will understand your queries and help to add icons on your homepage, restore or customize your homepage, change the start-up page, make your homepage in Windows 10 by using the easiest process. By making use of the latest techniques, our team is catering to the customers so that you can experience the ease of using Google. All you have to do is just contact us on the number available on Google Homepage.

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