Terms & Conditions

The simple aim of terms and conditions page is to provide awareness to clients about rules and regulation of our company and to enhance the relation with them. It would be wise to walk through our terms & conditions in order to be acquainted with the rules and regulation. However, we respond to customer directly through our toll-free phone number which is available all the time. Apart from that, our customer care executives may ask some personal information such as name of the customer, phone number, and mail address. We don't demand to provide ask any banking information.

There are different tools which allow customers to provide permission of accessing to troubleshooting experts. However, our customer care representatives will fairly confirm your allowance period to accessing your personal computer system. In addition to this, we so record all received calls in order to control and scale up the quality of our service. Recording calls will definitely assist us to exterminate various kinds of hassle as well as disputes with our customers in an effective manner.

In case you come across any kind of fraudulent activity, do call us through our toll-free helpline number at anytime


Being an independent technical aid service provider, we hold no affiliation with any kind of services. Apart from that, brands, trademarks, and logos available on our website are for providing information.

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